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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letter 读者来函

Yew Hooi Kim

John, an American came to visit his old Malaysian pals Johari, Samy and Ah Beng in Kuala Lumpur. After dinner, John asked them if they took pride in their skin colour ie if they were proud of being Malay, Chinese and Indian and why. All of them answered in the affirmative and give their reasons.

After that they all asked John if he is proud to be a white man. To their surprise, John said no because he never chose to be a white man. He was born white without any of his effort. He further added that he was only proud to be a good man and useful citizen of USA.

Ya! Then Johari , Samy and Ah Beng came to their senses, they must all make an effort to be good useful Malaysians. HIDUP Malaysia.

(Statements and opinions expressed in the letter are solely those of the author and may or may not share by MCA Perlis.)

1 comment:

边缘人 said...

ha..ha.. ha.. funny little kim hidup malaysia story,no wonder how proud & how good useful samy & Ah beng. there is some 1 out there will try to hurt our feeling, so little kim is time to goto bed get some sweet dream n get to be a good useful malaysians 2morrow whose know u will be next PM of malaysia in furture